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ESCACC Report Assessment

The Catalan Strategy Climate Change Adaptation determines, in its section 6.1.1, that every three years the Catalan Office for Climate Change will bring a report assessment of the Strategy to the Interdepartmental Commission of Climate Change.

The objective of the Report Assessment of Catalan Strategy Climate Change Adaptation (February 2017) is report to Interdepartmental Commission the state and progress of climate change impacts in Catalonia and  the degree of implementation of  ESCACC measures. In accordance with this objective, the document is structured in four chapters: the update of the knowledge about the impacts of climate change in Catalonia since the year 2012 , the state of 182 measures of adaptation contained on the ESCACC, the evaluation of measures and, finally, the conclusions.

Likewise, the technical documentation is accompanied with a set of infographic about the impacts of climate change on economic sectors and natural systems and the state and evaluation of measures of ESCACC for each sector and system.

Updated date: 24.03.2017