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Regulation (EC) 842/2006 and its adaptation to the Spanish legal framework by means of Royal Decree 795/2010 sets out a new legal framework concerning certain activities in equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (hereinafter fluorinated GHG). The primary objective of the regulation is to contain, prevent and reduce the fluorinated GHG emissions covered by the Kyoto Protocol, which have a warming potential far higher than other GHGs. To achieve this objective, the regulation covers issues such as the containment, use, recovery and destruction of fluorinated GHGs, including checking for leaks, labelling and disposing of products and equipment containing them, providing data relating to these gases, monitoring the use and sale of products and equipment, as well as training and certification for staff and companies providing a specific series of services.
The application of these regulations in Catalonia affects different government departments. The Interministerial Climate Change Committee (CICC), the body that coordinates government action in the field of climate change, set up a working group to handle the technical implementation of this standard on fluorinated GHGs. The working group is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, and the Ministry of Town and Country Planning and Sustainability.Moreover, the fluorinated GHGs' Working Group is working in cooperation with associations, which bring together professionals of the different activities affected by the fluorinated gases regulation, to have different points of view from the different groups, and to make the corresponding dissemination of the application of this regulation also in Catalonia.
On 27 April 2010, the Interministerial Climate Change Committee ratified the following on the basis of a proposal made by the working group and existing ministerial remits:
• Issuing of personnel and company certificates: Business Management Office (OGE) in cooperation with technical bodies.
• Authorisation of centres running new training programmes to obtain personnel certificates: Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, within the scope of their respective remits.
• Monitoring and evaluation of application of the new regulatory system on fluorinated GHGs: Interministerial Climate Change Committee and Catalan Office for Climate Change for operational monitoring.
• Receipt of reports submitted to the European Commission by manufacturers, importers and exporters of fluorinated GHGs: Catalan Office for Climate Change.
Personnel and company certificates may be issued via the OGE from 15 February 2011.

Updated date: 21.01.2011