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Training and assessment centres

The training courses run in Catalonia in accordance with the content of Annex II of Royal Decree 795/2010 must be taught in duly authorised centres, both for centres running courses and centres holding examinations. The authorised centre must issued a corresponding supporting document to trainees once they have taken and passed the corresponding training course.

The following bodies are able to authorise training and evaluation centres:
• Body responsible for education: Ministry of Education; Directorate General of Professional, Artistic and Specialist Education.
• Body responsible for employment: Catalan Employment Service.
• Body responsible for industry: Ministry of Enterprise and Labour; Subdirectorate General of Industrial Safety.
Each body shall authorise the training and assessment centres in accordance with the procedure provided for the authorisation of centres.
Centres must be authorised for each training course they wish to run, and the authorisation shall specify which training courses they can run. The authorisation of a centre to run one or more training courses shall also authorise the content of the training course, which shall be consistent with the minimum content set out in Annex II of Royal Decree 795/2010.

Updated date: 18.12.2013