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Voluntary agreements

Voluntary Agreement Programme for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
The Catalan Office for Climate Change encourages and supports the establishment of Voluntary Agreements with organisations, companies and groups in Catalonia to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
These agreements are intended to become a key part of public policy on climate change. Experiences in other European countries have been shown that such agreements between the public and private sectors are a good way of promoting sustainability.
The Framework Plan for Climate Change Mitigation in Catalonia 2008–2012 sets out actions to encourage Voluntary Agreements for mitigation, as well as the creation of a register of affiliated organisations. In accordance with the Framework Plan, these actions could contribute to an annual reduction of 590,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.
Through the Voluntary Agreement Programme, all of the companies, institutions, public administrations, associations and foundations that want to join voluntarily, agree to monitor their emissions and to take measures to reduce them, beyond that required by legislation. For its part, the Generalitat of Catalonia encourages these efforts, establishing mechanisms to increase public awareness of them. Information on participating organisations can be found in the section entitled Achievements of the Programme: Collective effort.
Contact the Catalan Office for Climate Change for further information or with any queries: or by telephone on 93 444 5000